Maybe you should think about all the effort that goes into growing and getting your vegetables to market. Why? It is a gift of plenty we have in the United States that should not be taken for granted.

Sure, there are plenty of people that urge you to just eat organic. Are they around for you to ask for a loan when you have to shell out $5 for a head of lettuce?

These are all questions that were raised recently here in Las Vegas at the farmers convention. What I found amazing was that one company in the heart of the country was waging a tremendous effort to help farmers nationwide fulfill their projected goals by implementing advanced, scientific analysis and farming protocols that support making things grow their best. Who was it educating farmers everywhere about precision farming solutions?Why, it was Precision Farming Solutions, LLC ( of course!

In order to understand and appreciate modern agriculture, you have to understand it’s historic underpinnings. Great civilizations were formed over the course of time in areas where farming was successful, near the Nile River which would overflow with nutrient laden waters.

The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers created immense gatherings of humans and beasts who all needed the life-giving water and could feed on the vegetation it spawned.

Folks at the recent convention that learned about the Precision Farming Solutions invented by, who else but Precision Farming Solutions, LLC ( were taught that those old precepts and techniques about farming hold true today!

Just as the silt from the Nile would overflow and create fertile growth areas where ancient Egyptians would grow crops like wheat and barley, today’s farmers must get life-giving nutrients into their soil. Exactly how much of each component and the proper application of water is part of the science of precision farming solutions available from Precision Farming Solutions, LLC.

Precision Farming Solutions experts go directly to their clients’ farms. They perform soil analysis and look at every aspect of the farm’s condition.

Water flow, drainage, the pH of the soil along with the average temperature expected in that latitude over the growing season, the angle of the sunlight, its ALL brought into the final equation to determine EXACTLY what that particular farm requires to tweak their operations and achieve the ultimate in performance!

We visited over 200 booths at the 2017 farmers convention but out of all of them, the best information and knowledge about precision farming solutions came from none other than Precision Farming Solutions, LLC. So we highly recommend you check them out!